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Everything Is Everything

The Ramblings of a Wandering Muse

25 March 1985
~ * ~ I LURK THEREFORE I AM ~ * ~ : I go through fits and starts of updating and using my LJ actively. That doesn't mean that I cannot be contacted via it or that I'm not around. If in doubt message me.

One day I'll figure out how to use this thing and for what specific purpose. When it is in use expect rage against WMM, speculation about shows that have caught my eye, videos and fanfiction. There may be occasional real life squee too.

ME: Formerly blonde, definitely Geordie (British), rather ballsy and honest to a fault. A former archaeology student who will try anything once, literally anything.

Fandom, I'll talk fandom with anyone at any time.

FRIENDING POLICY: Friend and defriend at will and I'll do the same. If we no longer have anything in common c'est la vie with no hard feelings.